Senior Home entertainment (5)

How long does it take to setup?

Setup takes less than 5 minutes. I don't require more than a few square feet of space for my sound system. And you're not going to see a bunch of wires everywhere.

What kind of equipment do you bring?

I use high-end Bose Audio equipment that plays music at the right volume level. My specialized sound equipment is meant for inside entertainment. The levels are never over-bearing.

How long is the show?

I sing 60 minutes of songs with requests accepted from the crowd. In between the songs I stop to interact and speak with everyone. I don't do a static boring show. Entertaining seniors is my passion and one of my specialties. I enjoy it and I've been doing it for many years.

After my set is done, I do a meet and greet with your seniors. They usually spend about 10 minutes talking with me and making requests. I do my best to learn all the songs everyone asks for although my current repertoire is quite extensive.

Will my residents have fun?

It's very common with other entertainers that they play the same playlists over and over. They're not able to or don't have an interest to do a lot of the old time favorites most seniors truly enjoy. As a result, residents lose interest and in many instances, won't event attend the performance. By contrast, my shows are always well attended and well received. The difference is my passion for all music.

Do you take requests?

I routinely learn requested songs for your residents and make them feel special because that song was special to them. Your residents will look forward to each performance and even make it a point to be there early to get a good seat.

The homes I regularly perform at have seniors who wait for me at the door. Entertainment directors love it because I'm able to change it up from week to week and take requests on demand.

Led Up Lighting Rental (2)

How much is it?

You're sold on the service - but you want to know if you can afford it. The cost of your event depends on a few things; the type of event, the location of your event, my availability, the equipment, and the timing. Even the day of the week is a factor.

Once I get all of the information for your event.. I can give you a detailed quote. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started.

How reliable is your equipment?

We spend a lot of time pre-planning for your event so we can avoid any technical issues. Our equipment is well-maintained and top-of-the-line.. like our BOSE Audio System or our LED Lighting Systems. We keep back-ups, for the back-ups and even have DJ's standing by on call for your event.